…14 stycznia 2005 roku probnik Huygens wyemituje z powierzchni Tytana muzykę skomponowana przez przez francuskich muzykow Juliena Civange’a i Louisa Haeri’ego. Utwory nosza tytuly „Hot time”, „Bald James Deans”, „Lalala”, i „No love” i trwaja lacznie 12 minut.

6.51 (CET) Timer triggers power-up of onboard electronics
11.13 Huygens reaches ‚interface altitude’ – 1270 kilometres above the surface of the moon
11.17 Pilot parachute deploys
11.18 Huygens begins transmitting to Cassini and front shield released (at about 160 kilometres above the surface)
11.32 Main parachute separates and drogue parachute deploys
11.49 Surface proximity sensor activated
12.57 Gas Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer begins sampling atmosphere
13.30 Descent Imager/Spectral Radiometer lamp turned on
13.34 Surface touchdown (this time may vary by plus or minus 15 minutes depending on how Titan’s atmosphere and winds affect Huygens’s parachuting descent)
15.44 Cassini stops collecting data
16.24 First data received on Earth